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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Transition Style

I was beginning to have problems in my natural hair journey , i had no clue how to work with the two textures that was forming from my scalp. Everytime i needed to co-wash my hair ,i had to be sure that i had enough time to rollerset ,dry and then blow out my roots.It was the only way i could style my hair without having an afro puff and then stringy ends that would follow.I was reading from Teri Laflesh website (cause i love it !!!!) and in one of the FAQs she posted that a big chop wasn't nessessary, but if you find yourself styling your hair just to accomedate the relaxed ends then that could be very harmful to your natural new growth .I mean i don't want to work so hard just to have damaged natural hair,my journey would be for nothing.I would fantisize about the day i could just do a wash and go,quick and easy no more heat and extra work .I decided that maybe i wasn't thinking clearly and a big chop may not be for me ,why don't i just try twist outs and protective styles until i felt ready to chop choppa.My twist out was awesome ,i got alot of compliments on it and thought to myself "this may just work ,i'll keep doin this until i am on my transition for a year mark and ask myself again if im ready" . When it was time to take out the twists i couldn't belive the difference in my two textures, the natural hair was sooooo curly and cute and the relaxed ends were still stringy dispite how long they were in for.

Been a while !!!!

Hey all !!!!
It s been a while since i've posted anything , i have been crazy busy with work and all that jazz .But i do look forward to posting more pics and doing reviews in my natural hair journey.


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