Sunday, March 8, 2009

About me!

I was so excited when i started my hair journey.I did so much research on YouTube,then later joined social networks for women of colour.I've learned so much and have been applying everything i learned to my hair ,and I have made a regimen that has worked for me.First ,I'd like to start with the fact that i am transitioning from relaxed to natural,and it has been six months since I've decided to do it for good. I've been on my healthy hair journey for just two months now ,and i have seen such a huge change in my hair already.

I've always struggled with neck length hair in the front and just grazing shoulder length in the back .My hair has been relaxed since i was about six or seven, and i would literally relax my whole head every two months .I was about twenty years old when i was told by someone that my ends were already relaxed ,and they didn't need to be relaxed over and over again.This was when i relized, i was extremely damaging my hair.I took their advice and started just doing the roots.I noticed my hair was improving ,but with all the chemicals from dyes,heat from the blow dryer,and heavy gels,it would just keep breaking off.I would clean up piles of broken hairs off the floor by the time i was done whatever murderous style i was doing to my hair.

I then picked up braided styles ,and would put extensions in my hair constantly, i was always trying new colours ,i loved them.. it was the only way to seem like i had any hair at all.My favorite was the yaki braids ,i would only braid them until the end of my real hair then tie them off and leave the ends out in curls.I had so many compliments everywhere i went ,i loved it! I would change them about every two months and i started to notice my hair was growing but ,it wasn't working with my yaki style, so i would cut different areas of my hair shorter, so that i could continue to wear them .I know, i know ,I'm kicking myself in the butt right now.I wore them for two years straight and then i eventually grew out of the style. Still my hair was above my shoulders and i would then slick my hair back with tons of sports gel ,and crumple my ends up with gel for a wet looks ponytail .I would wet my hair every morning to do this style ,and did that for a few years the same way every day.It wasn't until a couple years ago that i would research hair styles on YouTube to change up my look,but i still wasn't doing right by my hair.I had severe dead ends.I decided to slowly cut them out ,until i was cutting every 8-12 weeks or so ,literally cutting out any length i may have had ,for about two years straight.It bugs me to type this ,and look back into my hair story at all the damage ,stress and strife I've caused my hair up into this point.I'm done with all this damage to my hair and I'm ready to see my hair finally flourish.

Welcome to my HAIR JOURNEY!!!!

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