Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is my first update picture,this is from my starting date December 29/08 to February 28/09 two months into my healthy hair journey.I will be updating every month or two until i reach my goal.We have to remember that i am also transitioning so my first goal will be to reach APL (Arm pit length) with my relaxed ends by june 09 .I think this is enough time to achive this goal ,once my goal is met ,i will go ahead and set another one.I'm very pleased with the way everything is going and for the way i have set my regimen into my lifestyle .

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  1. Hello Mizzangie,

    It appears you and I are on the same quest. I am six months in transition from relaxed hair to natural. My last relaxer was Sept. 2008 and I have been using Mixed Chicks. I have about 4 inches of new growth. I recently switched to Teri Laferla's tightlycurly method and I like it better. I, too, do not want to have a short fro.

    I am Black & Korean with tight curls like Teri's. Mary



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