Monday, January 18, 2010


I posted a video on my youtube channel on Saturday night,right before i was going out.Here are some pictures of how it looked after a couple hours of being out.On day one of the style ,i had blown out my roots on a warm medium setting. Day two i decided to use the hot setting on medium.The hot setting stretched out my hair way more ,but because my hair is still short, i found myself burning my scalp,so not sure how often I'll be doing that.Let me tell you,there was some swang every time i turned my head, i loved it lol!! So.. now I'm at the club having a good Ol' time and dancing away, its that time in the course of the evening ,when us ladies like to go check ourselves out in the mirror. My hair wasn't tiny ,but it turns out that with all my dancing and sweating it completely shrunk my hair .I'll just have to deal with that for a little bit,until my hair is longer ,then I'm sure my hair won't look so short.

Here's day two hair.

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