Monday, January 25, 2010


Meet Tai,one of her reasons for going natural was to save herself some money.

How long were you thinking of going natural? Whats the story ?

One of my older sisters actually talked me into going natural,I knew nothing about it at all. I was just at the point where i couldn't stand getting perms because it was a waste of my mom's money. I am an athlete and all i would do was sweat the perm right my hair wasn't growing!

Was your transition a long or short one?

I transitioned for about 7 months

We all know how important it is to moisturize our hair
while in transition,what products did you use to keep
your hair moisturized?

Um..I didn't know anything about hair ,so i really wasn't putting anything on it and then when i began to transition with braids, i only sprayed oil sheen on it.

What was your staple hairstyle while in transition?

Kinky twist and braids.

When you decided to Big Chop,how did you feel about your cut? And how did people react to it?

I teared up when i saw the hair on the ground, but then i smiled once i put a headband on lol.
people were shocked out of their minds and looked at me crazy..they were disappointed. I think i only had like 5 people tell me they liked it once i got it hurt my feelings but i got over it very quickly

Did you have any regrets?

At first ,but then it was nothing i could really do. i just knew that now i was a diva! haha

What are your long term goals for your hair journey?
My long term goals are to keep my hair healthy always and to encourage people to embrace the real them...the way God created them :)

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