Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nate ~Before and After

How long were you thinking of going natural? What's the story ?

I had thought about going natural off and on for a few years before making the final decision. While I was relaxed, I experienced breakage, dry scalp, severe dandruff, shedding, and thinning hair. I loved color, but my relaxed hair wasn't strong enough to withstand it. However, things weren't always bad. My hair would go through phases. When I experienced the aforementioned problems, that's when I always thought about cutting it all off and going natural.

Was your transition a long or short one?

I had originally planned to do a complete and gradual transition to natural hair. In other words, I had planned to gradually cut as my natural hair grew out. After transitioning for a few months, and after watching a plethora of Big Chop videos on YouTube, I decided that I would transition for a set amount of time and BC afterwards. I transitioned for 9 mos and BC'd on my birthday - December 3rd. The whole process was symbolic for me. It symbolized rebirth.

We all know how important it is to moisturize our hair while in transition, what products did you use to keep
your hair moisturized?

Even before I started transitioning, I used alot of water and did alot of no-heat styles like twist-outs and braidouts. I started co-washing after learning about its benefits (from YouTube vids of course *lol*) I'll admit, however, that I need to step up my moisturizing regimen. I used and still use shea butter and olive oil. I didn't really get into the moisturizing thing until I BC'd. I have been paying alot of attention to product ingredients so that I don't purchase items that have a tendency to dry the hair out.

What was your staple hairstyle while in transition?

My staple styles were twist-outs, braid-outs and roller sets.

When you decided to Big Chop, how did you feel about your cut? And how did people react to it?

I honestly didn't like it as much as I did two weeks after my BC. I felt very self-conscious and I was not used to the new length. In the beginning, I would wear it out at work, but for some reason, I would cover my head with a bandana when I went to the gym. I didn't know how people would react to it. My mother was shocked at the new length. My brother didn't care for it. My sis felt like it might have been too short. I think overall that it was shocking for everyone that was close to me.

Did you have any regrets?

I have absolutely no regrets. Well, actually I do. My only regret is that I didn't go natural sooner! lol

What are your long term goals for your hair journey?

My long term goal is to grow my hair out long, healthy and strong. There are YouTubers that inspire me with their long, beautiful tresses. I'm inspired by RusticBeauty, LexiWithTheCurls, MopTopMaven, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, AyannaNaeela, and soooooo many more! I want to achieve big, chunky twist-outs and gorgeous diva hair! lol

Natelege (Brownshuga24)

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