Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jennifer ~ A Diva In Transition

How long have you been natural?

I officially began transitioning January 2009.

Have you ever had a relaxer? If so ,What's your story?What made you become natural?

Yes, my last chemical relaxer was in June 2001. After that I used "Naturalaxer" until 2004 and then "BodipHier" until December 2008 to "relax" my hair. I did not BC, so I still have about 4" of relaxed hair.I stopped using chemical relaxers since I apparently developed an allergic reaction to them. It would itch like crazy when the product was applied to my scalp (even after it was washed out, shampooed and conditioned).

How would you describe your hair type?

a little 3c; /4a mainly /4b sides

What is your regimen? What products do you use to maintain the health of your

Wash day is on Saturdays: Cowash, Ayuvedic Powders to condition/strengthen (amla, brahmi & bhringraj); henna+indigo (1 or 2x a month); mayonnaise for protein (when necessary)Nightly: massage JBCO on scalp, spritz lightly (rose water/glycerin; 1 tbs MSM powder, a few drops Infusium 23, JBCO, EVCO) and seal with EVCO(main staple). To sleep - Loose bantu knots & satin scarf

Do you have any long term goals for you hair?

Healthy waist length hair

What tips would you give to all the newly natural ladies?

Patience (it's by trial and error you'll learn what works for you - I'm still learning), Handle your hair with TLC since you'll have two textures, especially course textures. Depending on your hair type, you'll realise that products for relaxed hair won't have the same effect on natural hair.Pay attention to ingredients (sulphates, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens)Join other hair forums for advice/share experiences.

Is there anywhere we can find you on the web

www.K-I-S-S/biz & www.naturalsunshine.ning.com

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