Thursday, February 18, 2010

Priscilla ~Before and After

Meet Priscilla,Becoming natural has lightened up the load on her wallet.

How long were you thinking of going natural? What's the story ?

Last year I started out looking for ways to grow healthy relaxed hair. Through that I decided that I wanted to relax my hair less and when I had gotten some new growth, I couldn't take my hands out of my hair! I was falling for my natural hair texture! I was inspired by my oldest sister and two of my cousins who are natural and I started "Youtubing" natural hair journeys too. I was also finishing up my last semester of school and thinking about ways to make my hair up-keep easier on my wallet. My last relaxer was in mid October 2009. I made the final decision to transition in early December 2009. I did the big chop on February 11, 2010!

Was your transition a long or short one?

I transitioned for about four months. I had braids in for about two of those months, but once I knew I wanted to go natural, I started getting pretty impatient and I took the braids out a week early and BC'ed a week later. It was only four months but it felt like a long time to me :-)

We all know how important it is to moisturize our hair
while in transition,what products did you use to keep
your hair moisturized?

GroHealthy Thick and Healthy Olive Oil Cream and water kept my hair well moisturized especially while I had braids.

What was your staple hairstyle while in transition?

At first, I flat ironed once a week, but when I realized I could be damaging my new growth I put it in braids. When I took the braids out I did bantu knots and a knot-out for the week up to my big chop day.

When you decided to Big Chop,how did you feel about your cut? And how did people react to it?

It felt really good to get the relaxed hair off of my new growth. I felt fresh and am still really excited about it! Pretty much everyone has told me that it looks great on me, that it really suites me!

Did you have any regrets?

No regrets so far. I'm just trying to figure out what products work for my hair and give me the look I want.

What are your long term goals for your hair journey?

My long term goals are to keep it healthy and to let it grow as long as it wants!

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  1. Congrats on the big chop! I know what you mean about keeping hair product costs down. Maintaining 4b type hair can get rather expensive. The new look is fab!



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