Monday, February 1, 2010

Mop Head!!!!

This weekend I attended a soca fete in Toronto.I rocked my stretched out twist out,it was huge.... I loved it!!! I had a lot of stares, but who cares, I'm not gonna waste my time trying to figure out what these people are thinking of me... Love it or not,this hair is on my head and not yours!!! Somewhere in the line up in front of me,I over heard some guy say that my hair "looked like a mop". Any other time , I think that comment might have gotten to me, but not in this case. I was so happy ,considering this was the look i was going for.... HATER!!!!!! HA HA HA ,just had to share ,here are the pictures. Enjoy!!!


  1. Your hair looks great!! From one Torontonian to another, if your hair looks like a mop, it's a damned good looking mop!

  2. People were probably steering because you looked so good. Love the hair. You look great.



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