Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Georgia~ Before and After

How long were you thinking of going natural? What's the story ?

A few years before my BC, I've always thought about going natural but I was afraid of what my natural hair would look like and what people might say. It took me awhile to get over the fear, but I did eventually and I wish I did it sooner.

Was your transition a long or short one?

My transition was very short, 2 months.
I wanted to experience my natural hair, so I did my big chop while my hair was in a protective style (kinky twist).

We all know how important it is to moisturize our hair
while in transition,what products did you use to keep
your hair moisturized?

While transitioning, I used Herbal Essence Sleek & Shine Leave-In, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to moisturize my hair. I try to keep it pretty simple, even now while I'm natural.

What was your staple hairstyle while in transition?

My go to style while transitioning was kinky twist.

When you decided to Big Chop,how did you feel about your cut? And how did people react to it?

I decided to BC, April 19, 2009 and I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. At first I didn't really like my cut, but I started to love it. Most of my family and friends were really supportive, except for my grandma. To this day she will ask,"why did you cut off your hair, are you going to perm(relax) it again?" and I say "No, Never, Stop asking me". lol

Did you have any regrets?

Nope, No regrets.

What are your long term goals for your hair journey?

I just want to have thick and healthy hair. It can grow nice and long as well, that would be nice :)

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