Friday, February 5, 2010

Essense Vibz~Natural Inspiration

Meet Essense Vibz,This naturally proud diva uses her knowledge of natural hair to educate young women around her.

How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural since 1998.

Have you ever had a relaxer? If so, what’s your story? What made you become natural?

I used to hate getting perms. Getting burned, scabs on my scalp and the everyday high maintenance hype were driving me crazy. It was too much so I decided to get rid of it. I slowly began the process of letting it go by not getting retouches. Then one day I took a bottle of vinegar and added it to my shampoo and I guess you can say I stripped it. I then clipped my own ends and started getting it braided and getting weaves added on. Transitioning was quite easy for me because I was on a mission: get rid of that hateful perm!--Plus I wanted my hair life to be simple and low maintenance—I love the texture of my hair. I love how it looks and feels. I love that I can stand in the shower and get it wet without cringing. Don’t let it rain!!—OMG! I will run out there in a minute with nothing on it—LOL

How would you describe your hair type?

My hair is kinky and tightly curled. When I want loose curls, I have to blow dry my hair then twist it loosely. I really don’t like blowing my hair much because it dries it out too much. And that drives me crazy!

What is your regimen?

I wash my hair once a month or once every 2 months. I’m not a shampoo kinda gurl. I always thought shampoo zaps the shine from my hair and made it rough. I co-wash 2 times a week. Believe it or not, I do not deep condition at all. I can’t tell a lie, all I do is add conditioner on my hair, put on a shower cap then take a hot shower. I’m as simple as simple can be. After my co-wash, I section my hair into 6 parts-take one section at a time and spray my mixture on and comb with my fingers. Then I section that piece and start twisting my hair. I use a silk pillowcase instead of a scarf. I do not like the feel of my head being tied down. I want my hair to be free to air dry-

What products do you use to maintain the health of your hair?

I like to experiment over here all the time--I cannot, I will not go without my extra virgin olive oil I cannot, I will not go without my extra virgin coconut oil--I cannot, I will not go without my Shea butter--I mix my EVOO, conditioner and coconut oil put it in a container, mix it together real good-- Then I microwave it and put it in the fridge--Oh yeah, I’m a lover of VASELINE too!!!—{got that from my Grandma Emily R.I.P.} –It’s no big secret, ALL of our Grandma’s used Vaseline for just about er’thang—from hair to skin care to rough feet--and the list goes on and on--lol

Do you have any long term goals for your hair?

I want to continue what I’m doing with my hair right now—I’m at the point now where I do not want to keep changing products—If what I’m using is working, why change the formula??—OKAY!!--I just want to have a head full of healthy hair as I grow older—I have a feeling I’m gonna be one of those women who will tell young mothers how to take care of their children's hair.

Since becoming natural, I notice my walk is even different. I walk with my head held higher. My posture is straight. And I love being me with this head full of beautiful hair. And I love that I am a role model for young girls at the school I work at.

From kindergarten to fifth graders, I love that they love my hair. And I want them to learn to love their hair as well-- I let them “play” in my hair. I want them to feel the softness and to look and feel the texture of my hair. They look at it up close and see that I have tight curls. I let them style it and massage my scalp. I do this so they can feel the oils I have on my hair and tell them the importance of why we have to keep our hair oiled and moisturized.

This is one way they get to know me up close and personal and know why I love my hair. {And I get a free head massage--LOL}--Most important, I want them to learn to love and embrace their own hair. So yeah, they learn their reading, math and writing skills BUT they also learn about their nappiness. I have a few mini-me’s walking around the hallways now with afro puffs–LOL

What tips would you give to all the newly natural ladies?

EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL HAIR—keep your hair oiled and moisturized and CELEBRATE YOUR BEAUTY.

Is there anywhere we can find you on the web?

My personal blog--à

My hair blog -à


  1. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!! Your hair is absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for inspiring us and the younger generation to embrace their natural beauty!!! I need to get of this perm myself but I'm still stuck in my way lol!!!!

    Love it!,

  2. You're SO beautiful, my sister...the PERFECT natural woman to be interviewed!!!! You inspire me to stay on this natural journey!!!

  3. Wonderful interview with one of my favorite and inspirational people! Ms. Vibez is a natural beauty inside and out.

  4. I just started my journey to natural hair, I gone through the recommended products and I have journal which ones work for me and which not to try again.



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